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About Us

Think of us as your ambassador to paradise.

Guam is where America’s day, and your adventure begins. We pledge to come alongside and lead you down a sandy, friendly, sunlit path to your next property.

Here’s the deal: we love our island. In fact there isn’t much to hate. Surrounded by the serenity of the Pacific, bathed in year-round warmth, and home to the best sunsets in the world (seriously, look them up), Guam has the type of surreal beauty that makes you send postcards. Which you definitely should once you’re settled in.

We combine experience and passion in our partnership to help you find the best real estate on Guam. Whether you’re local, newly stationed military personnel, or a businessperson looking for the next investment, we have something for you. Each village harbors a piece of history and its own distinct flavor. It’s a fiesta of flavors, actually, and you’ll need a reliable guide to get you through all the diversity in order to single out exactly what you’re looking for.

We want you to know we love you. Now you might be thinking we’re moving too fast, but no worries, we won’t propose any time soon. We’ll be too busy going all out in our efforts to find you the perfect house, real estate, place, pad, hizzy, if you will. We will be your friends throughout the real estate process and don’t be surprised if you find yourself inviting us to your next BBQ.

Let us help you find your place.